About us

DOMINO  is a Polish family company with extensive experience and second generation of  businessmen in charge. Since almost 40 years, we have been working on Polish market. Our team combines import and export specialized knowledge with international business experience.

Why us?

We’ve dealt with import and export for years, we’ve carried out millions of transactions. Every day we coordinate transactions around the world. Our experience and knowledge  guarantee safe import and export service at the highest level.

Our own logistics center allow us to handle transactions for our partners around the world. We provide  goods storage services as well as packaging and courier shipments for our clients.

Our specialists

Our company’s specialists know the Asian market perfectly, have a professional network of contacts,  experience in negotiations, organizational activities, formal and legal matters. We cooperate with recognized customs agencies, carriers and control units around the world.

How is it work?

At the client’s request, we implement the entire import or export process. We provide security for foreign transactions,  save time and money. As a few, we finance orders.

We also introduce foreign companies to the European market. We search for partners and build a cooperation market.

Import from China

An increasing number of entrepreneurs decide to expand their offer with goods from Asian markets, thus becoming the undisputed sales leader among the competition, which attracts a large number of regular customers.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that imports from China are governed by slightly different regulations than the European market. Therefore, considering such a solution, it is worth getting acquainted with all applicable regulations and necessary regulations.

Ignoring even the most insignificant issues may involve a considerable financial risk, so if you are interested in importing goods from China, it is worth choosing our services. Our team consists of experts on the Asian market, for whom there are no impossible orders. We offer our clients a comprehensive execution of orders, and thanks to many years of experience with Chinese contractors, we are always happy to provide advice and valuable tips
Import of goods from China – what to pay attention to?

Reliability of the contractor

Although currently the Asian market is undoubtedly a power, it does not necessarily mean that the companies present on it have an impeccable image. Unfortunately, unfair motives, which are the main driving force for smaller and larger enterprises, exist in every country. Therefore, when deciding to start commercial cooperation with a Chinese contractor, it is worth taking a closer look at the reliability of his actions, then you will be sure that the planned investment will not end in a fiasco.
A valuable source of information on reliable contractors from China are not only internet forums and opinions of other Polish entrepreneurs, but also a group of our specialists! Thanks to many years of experience and an extensive network of contacts, we will gladly advise you on the selection of the most appropriate contractor.


The quality of the goods

If you want to provide your customers with the highest quality of offered products, it is worth taking a little look at their quality first. An excellent indicator of this is of course the price for the product offered by contractors. If you care about high-quality products, their price will probably be similar to that in Poland, otherwise they will be much cheaper. Everything also depends on the type of imported products. If the import from China at your request concerns, for example, electronic equipment, then they will be more expensive than, for example, toys intended for children.
Regardless of what type of products are in the center of your interests, if you wish to provide such a service, we will make every effort to help you choose the most appropriate product and thus meet your expectations.



Payment method

The form of payment for the import of goods depends primarily on the principle on which your contract with a Chinese contractor will be based – whether it will be a permanent, cyclical cooperation or rather occasional (or even one-time) action.
If you decide to cooperate permanently, it may be necessary to set up a foreign currency account, thanks to which you will be able to avoid unnecessary costs related to the use of own conversion rates by banks, which are usually not very beneficial for account holders in PLN who plan to make payments abroad. In the case of transactions with Chinese counterparties concluded sporadically, we do not recommend opening a foreign currency account, as its maintenance involves additional fees.


The waiting time for the purchased goods

Unfortunately, in many cases, the waiting time for the ordered goods requires a bit of patience from Polish entrepreneurs, especially when we decide to use the services of a local carrier. Therefore, if you plan to import goods from China, it is worth deciding to use the services of a reputable company that deals with the entire process from collecting the goods from the contractor to delivering them to your company.
Our company offers this service to all customers who want to set sail. At your request, we can take care of the entire process of importing goods from China, as well as exporting. We enjoy an impeccable reputation and great trust of our clients, because we not only care about the highest quality of services during each order, but also provide security for foreign transactions and we are one of the few on the Polish market to finance orders. In addition, we guarantee savings of time and money, which is an extremely important issue when it comes to this type of import.
IZN Trade – why is it worth trusting us?

Because we combine specialist knowledge about the rules governing the world of import and export with international business experience. During almost 40 years of presence on the market, we have carried out millions of transactions around the world. There are no impossible orders for us – we are wherever our clients need us.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to guarantee you safe services at the highest, world-class level. Import of goods from China has no secrets for us – our team consists of specialists from the Asian market, who not only have an impressive network of contacts (we cooperate with the best customs agencies, control units and carriers from around the world), but also boast many years of practice in terms of negotiations, various types of organizational activities and experience in formal and legal matters.

Due to the fact that we can boast our own logistics center, we offer our clients not only all activities related to import and export, but also the possibility of using the goods storage service, as well as packaging and sending courier shipments around the world.

So if you would like to join the group of companies that have decided to expand their offer with imported products and are looking for a trustworthy company specializing in import and export, which above all values cooperation based on clear rules, please contact us !!