About us

DOMINO  is a Polish family company with extensive experience and second generation of  businessmen in charge. Since almost 40 years, we have been working on Polish market. Our team combines import and export specialized knowledge with international business experience.

Why us?

We’ve dealt with import and export for years, we’ve carried out millions of transactions. Every day we coordinate transactions around the world. Our experience and knowledge  guarantee safe import and export service at the highest level.

Our own logistics center allow us to handle transactions for our partners around the world. We provide  goods storage services as well as packaging and courier shipments for our clients.

Our specialists

Our company’s specialists know the Asian market perfectly, have a professional network of contacts,  experience in negotiations, organizational activities, formal and legal matters. We cooperate with recognized customs agencies, carriers and control units around the world.

How is it work?

At the client’s request, we implement the entire import or export process. We provide security for foreign transactions,  save time and money. As a few, we finance orders.

We also introduce foreign companies to the European market. We search for partners and build a cooperation market.